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Binghamton Rotary Club Hosts American East Lacrosse, Coach of the Year

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The Binghamton Rotary Club hosted Binghamton University Lacrosse coach, Kevin McKeown to discuss the teams past success and future goals

The Binghamton University Lacrosse team finished 2nd in the American East in the last season. McKeown discussed not only the team's success but the ideals he encourages his athletes to hold. Mckeown and the rest his coaching staff hope these lessons translate, off of the field.

Kevin Mckeown, Binghamton University Lacrosse Coach said, "Coaches in college, were not only here to win ball games." "We're giving our players life skills that is going to help them not only for the next four years they re here but the remaining forty plus years of their lives"

During his four years as head coach, Mckeown has developed 17 American East honorees and was also named "Coach of the Year in 2017.