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New York's Top Court Close to Appointing First Openly Gay Judge

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will nominate Paul Feinman to fill a vacancy on the state Court of Appeals this week and if he is confirmed, Feinman will become the first openly gay judge to hold the position.

With just days remaining in this month's Legislative Session, he needs the Senate to approve Cuomo's recommendation. 

“He an extraordinary human being and would be a great addition to that court,” said Cuomo.

Feinman would fill the spot which was left after the death of Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam in April. 

He is currently an associate justice of the appellate division of the Supreme Court in Manhattan, a title he's held since 2012. Before that Feinman was elected to serve on the New York City civil court in Manhattan in 1996 and was elected to serve on the Supreme Court in the 1st Judicial District in Manhattan in 2007.