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Oliver the Giraffe Celebrates First Father's Day with Thousands of Dads

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Oliver the giraffe celebrated Father's Day with thousands of dad's who came to Animal Adventure in Harpursville on Sunday. Coming to the park has also become a tradition for many fathers. 

 "We've been coming here the last four years on father's day," said Stanley Stravinskas. "I look forward to this every year- spending time with my daughters. They like to feed the animals and it just makes me happy seeing them happy."

While honoring dad's from all over the community, Animal Adventure also celebrated World Giraffe Day. 

"World Giraffe Day was started by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation to bring recognition to them and their need for conservation," said Animal Adventure Owner, Jordan Patch." 

The first fifty dad's to walk into the park today received a complimentary BBQ lunch at the Park's Safari Grill. Anyone who came to the park also got a sneak peak of the Giraffe Barn.