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Parishioners Enjoy St. Joseph's Bazaar

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For over 40 years St. Joseph's Church in Endicott has been throwing an annual bazaar.

This year the church hopes to more than 3,000 visitors between June 16 and June 18. They come for the games, raffles, music and traditional Slovakian food.

Going to the bazaar is a tradition for many families. Terri Smith, Bazaar Organizer, said that she has been working at the event since her children were little as she held her granddaughter.

Parishioner Steve Austin said he and his family will probably attend the festival everyday.

"It's a really fun time and we're having a blast," said Austin.

Dads who attend the Bazaar on Father's Day will receive a free item off the menu.

The proceeds from the weekend go towards church repairs and donations to members of the community.