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Binghamton Woman Wrongfully Convicted of Her Sons Death

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A woman wrongfully convicted in the 2010 death of her two and a half year old son - Lyric, now finds herself in a custody fight for her three daughters.  

Veronica Taft’s future and that of her children are now in the hands of another court. 

 "I was just stunned. I was happy and I was stunned. I was like I can get home to my kids," said Taft after learning an appeals court reversed her conviction based on the weight of evidence. 

"Void of evidence, and only the 67th case to happen in the world. It's the best declaration of innocence you could ever have," said Taft. 

Taft served five plus years in prison for the death of Lyric, and said the only thing that kept her going was that one day she would see her other children again.

"I did everything at that place just to be able to send them stuff, because your working for less than five cents an hour. But I managed to do it, I sent them big packages, you know hand made stuff that took a lot of time," said Taft.

Taft's ex-boyfriend was watching Lyric at the time of his death, but prosecutors gave him immunity for his testimony. 

She said this was Binghamton not doing their job and just wanting a body, that they didn't care who it was. 

Prosecutors raised claims that Taft was an unfit mother. But in his appeal -- Attorney Norbert Higgins, said DSS investigators who found the charged to be untrue, were not allowed to testify. Higgins said it would have been a game changer if the written reports that were unfounded were brought into the trial setting, but there is a law that states you can not do that. 

"She would have won the criminal case and wouldn't be here right now," said Higgins. 

Taft's parental rights were restored, freeing her to reunite with her three daughters who have been in foster care. However, her case is now in the Family Courts where rules are different. 

Her first court appearance wasn't scheduled until the end of May. Later Taft learned the judge recused himself. A new judge was assigned, and a hearing was set for June 16. The hearing was adjourned and rescheduled for July 6.