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Community Mourns the Death of Camille Jones -- Mother of Three Pro Athletes

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A memorial service was held for Camille Jones, the mother of Jon, Arthur, and Chandler -- all professional athletes who grew up in Endicott. 

Camille Jones was described by one man as kind -- loving -- and quick witted. For those that knew her she was immensely proud of her sons.  
Community members gathered Friday at Sarah Jane Johnson church in Johnson City  to pay their respects and say good bye to Camille Jones.  

While her sons were always in the spotlight -- she was often seen in the stands cheering on her boys. Former UE football coach Shane Hurd, who coached all three of them at UE said she was a proud and loving mother, and his thoughts are with her sons. 

"This is hard. This is really hard.  Even though they were spread out around the country, it was always nice to come home and see mom. She was able to get to so many things, she was a constant presence. It's going to hit them right away, but it's also going to hit them later when she's not sitting in the stands or in the front row of the fight  It's going to be really hard for the boys," said Hurd.

Community members who attended the service Friday said they love her and that she will definitely be missed.