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Hundreds Explore Job Fair at SUNY Broome

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Job seekers wanted -- Exploring the world of careers and finding the right one that fits you, can be stressful. Especially, if the financial aspects of the job outweighs the benefits of doing something you enjoy (or vice versa). But it's worth it.

Jobs and careers shape who we are. They give important experience that can be used far into the future. Aside from providing people the funding needed to contribute to society, it gives us a purpose.

Friday, members of the community gathered to discover their own futures. Attending the 2017 Greater Binghamton Career Fair at SUNY Broome, residents had the chance to meet over fifty employers in the Southern Tier.

"You hear there's not jobs available. That's the exact opposite. There is over 200 jobs available in Broome County, right now," said Jennifer Conway, President and CEO of the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce

Helping to fill the 200 jobs available, companies like Visions Federal Credit Union, Good Shepard Communities, Maines and many others are working with local job fairs to keep area residents working, as well as attracting younger men and women to stay within the County.

"Job fairs are special. When you can show up physically and put your resume in, an employer sees your a good fit," Jennifer Conway.

"This area is not the greatest area, but a lot of areas have problems. It's important to get as many people as they can back into this area," said Chris Burke, 23, Job seeker.

Grad students like Chris are vital for Broome's growth. According to him, this was his first visit to a local job fair. "It was a great experience," Chris said.

For those still looking to find a job or career, some of the employers offered a few words of advice in what they are looking for in candidates.

"Things that we are specifically looking for are; need to be a team player, being flexible, willing to work in other areas and not afraid of getting your hands dirty," said Dave Novodioski, Production Supervisor of Masonite International (Kirkwood).

"We're looking for people with a passion in helping children. There are opportunities in employment here," said Paul Gerrer, Director of Training and Recruitment at the Children's Home.

If you were unable to attend today's job fair, don't worry. You can still gain employment in the area by sending your resume to the Binghamton Chamber of Commerce or call the Broome-Tioga Workforce at (607) 778-2136, for more opportunities.