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Chenango Bridge Elementary Students Explore History Through Theater

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Fourth grade students at Chenango Bridge Elementary School explored their favorite people from history by stepping outside of the textbook. Students brought historical figures to life in their very own "Wax Museum" show. 

Chenango Bridge 4th grade teacher of 17 years, Carrie Vesci, says she loves seeing the kids have fun while learning at school. 

"Just happiness and pride to see kids having fun, which is what they should be doing at school, and learning!"

The fourth graders were instructed to chose a historical figure and give a brief summary of the person's life. The show was tied together with dances, music and jokes.

"After the research report was written, they took two minutes of it and memorized it and that's what's on stage," said Vesci. "I'm very impressed and always wowed by what kids can do when given the chance to do it." 

Fourth grader, Kaida Warwick played Lucille Ball says the hard work pays off. 

"The hard work that I put into it and now I finally get to perform it."

Other students say that acting as their character posed some challenges. 

"You have to act how they would act in real life," said Jimmy Fitzgerald, who's character was Craig Sager. 

Today's show is the last "Wax Museum" show for the Chenango Bridge Elementary School Students. Vesci is set to start teaching second grade students next year and will not be coordinating another show.