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BOCES Students Commemorate Flag Day

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June 14 marks the anniversary of when we adopted our United States flag. Some local students celebrated Wednesday, and learned about the significance of the day.
Students from Broome Tioga BOCES, decked out in red white and blue gathered to commemorate Flag Day. They sang "You're a Grand Old Flag" and heard a special performance by Louie G. One teacher said its important students understand the deeper meaning of the holiday.

Laurie Martin, Instruction/Student Support, Oak Tree Program, BOCES said, "Our students realize the importance of the flag and what it stands for for our county and the freedom we have and they took lessons that came with it to help them, understand that its not just the flag up there its a political symbol of what we've been provided and given."

The roots of Flag Day trace back to June 14th of 1777, and the colors of the flag signify purity, valor and justice.