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ARRESTED: JC Man Arrested In Major Weapons Bust

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Ramadan Abdullah Ramadan Abdullah

Broome County District Attorney Steve Cornwell charged a 64-year-old Johnson City resident with 5 felony weapons charges after police seized more than a dozen weapons, high-capacity magazine and thousands of rounds of ammunition from a storage shed authorities say Ramadan Abdullah was renting in the Town of Union.

Police obtained a search warrant after Johnson City police arrested Abdullah for shoplifting from Gander Mountain on May 31. Involved in the investigation were members of Broome County Special Investigations Unit, NYSP, and Johnson City police

 "It started out as a standard shoplifting call," says Johnson City Police Chief Brent Dodge.

Dodge says patrol officers saw red flags when questioning Abdullah and were able to enact a search warrant for a unit at The Storage Mall in the Town of Union.

After discovering the stash of weapons in the storage unit, police also obtained search warrants for Abdullah's home at 82 Ackley Ave, and another residence in Oneonta. Police say family members at both residences cooperated with police, but authorities could not comment on whether or not those family members knew about Abdullah's collection of weapons and ammo.

"There's no indication that there was a plan in place for him to commit any kind of acts of violence," says Major Jim Barnes from the New York State Police, "However, it begs the question, what was he doing with all this?"

Police are working on tracking the weapons from Abdullah's storage unit. Police are being very cautious about connecting this arrest to any sort of terrorist activity, but federal law enforcement is looking into Abdullah.

4 loaded handguns
8 assault weapons
1 loaded shotgun
Two rifles
64 large-capacity ammunition feeding devices ( magazine, belt, or device capable of feeding more than 10 rounds)
Thousands of rounds of ammunition for rifles, pistols and assault weapons including 50 caliber armor piercing incendiary rounds, numerous firearm parts and flak jackets