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CV School District Calls for Special BOE Meeting

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Chenango Valley Superintendent David Gill has called for a special School of Education Board meeting on Monday, June 12 to discuss the District's next steps in regards to the Natural Gas Compressor being built in Fenton that has many residents up in arms.

On June 9, Gill said:

The Chenango Valley Central School District has met with its legal counsel to discuss the district’s options regarding the NG Advantage Project and the approvals granted by the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning Board of the Town of Fenton. The Board of Education is considering all of its options and expects to be able to publicly discuss its decision within the next two weeks.

We ask for patience from the public during this time. The Board of Education, the Superintendent, the administrators, and the employees care about our community and our students.

This comes after he wrote two letters to the Town of Fenton expressing his concerns about the project. Fenton Supervisor, David Hamlin, told reporters that he has "an email from Superintendent Gill saying that he is on board with the compressor project, but cannot share it." 

Gill told FOX 40 that he spoke with Hamlin after that meeting to "clarify."

There is a Call to Action in tomorrow's agenda titled "Engagement Letter - Tooher & Barone, LLP." It reads:

BE IT RESOLVED, based on a recommendation by Mr. David P. Gill, Superintendent of Schools, that the Board of Education approve the hiring of the Law Firm, Tooher & Barone, LLP, as per the attached engagement letter to investigate and represent the District in an Article 78 involving the Town of Fenton and NG Advantage, and;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Superintendent of Schools, or his designee, be authorized to sign same.

According to the Town of Fenton law, Chapter 81-17, Article 78 states "those aggrieved by the decision of the Zoning Board of Appeals may appeal such decision to the Supreme Court pursuant to Article 78 of the Civil Practice Law and Rules."

It appears as if the Chenango Valley School District is gearing up for a legal battle against the Town of Fenton, the TOF Zoning Board, and Planning Board. If the CVSD challenges the ZBA's decision, they would need to file the Article 78 in the State Supreme Court, which would place a temporary injunction on the project until the matter is resolved.

CV would have to prove that there is a reasonable cause to renegotiate parts of the project or stop it entirely. NG Advantage, the company building the Compressor, broke ground on it on June 7.

Watch Fox 40 HD News at six and ten on Monday, June 12, for live updates on the Chenango Valley School Board meeting and how residents could be impacted.