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Three Bears Trapped But Kirkwood Bear Still on the Loose

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The Department of Environmental Conservation says while the plastic container on its head is "a source of discomfort, it does not appear to be inhibiting the animal's ability to breathe, eat drink or move about freely."

The DEC added immobilizing the black bear is extremely difficult and "does pose a significant risk of death to the bear."

On May 17, Fox 40 spoke with a representative for the DEC who said several members of the organization had been working to find and trap the bear for several days, since being alerted to the situation. 

Today the Organization said it has captured three bears over the last several weeks, but none of them "have been the target animal."

As the search continues throughout the weekend, Officials are urging residents to keep garbage, bird seed, and other items that attract bears away from traps. The DEC has a full list of things that attract bears on their website, but all of these items will draw the bear away from the traps that the DEC has set.

The DEC says they will continue to try and humanely trap the bear and administer tranquilizing drugs rather than attempt to dart the animal while it's on the move.

"We will dart the bear only if there is an opportunity to do so safely," Department of Environmental Conservation.