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Rafters Rescued from Susquehanna River

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Fire officials say no one was injured following a river rescue involving five students rafters in the Susquehanna River Friday afternoon behind Talbots. The store is located on the border of Vestal and Binghamton on the Vestal Parkway West.

At about 3:50 p.m. Binghamton Firefighters rescued two rafters from the river. Earlier, Binghamton fire officials said the other three rafters, three males, had already jumped off and "drifted down the stream to safety."

"They were coming down the river and they got stuck on a pipe behind Talbots," said Dan Eggleston, Binghamton Fire Chief.

The males, who only identified themselves as SUNY students, launched the personal boat from Confluence Park, which Chief Eggelston says is perfectly legal to do.

"To my knowledge, it's not illegal to launch a personal raft from Confluence Park," said Eggelston.

Fire Officials had to use two rescue boats to pull the two males to safety. According to Chief Eggelston, rescue workers threw the two males a rope and were able to get them on the shore.

The five boys were not wearing life vests and Officials say they shouldn't have launched the boat without preparing first.

"They just made some bad choices, they didn't have the right equipment and they weren't prepared," said Eggelston.

While this rescue ended well for everyone involved, Chief Eggelston has a strong word of caution for the river.

"The river is an extremely dangerous place, it's very unforgiving," said Eggelston.

The five males didn't speak to the media, but were seen speaking with Authorities away from the scene around 4:15 p.m.

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