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Broome County DA's Office Charges After-hours Club Operators

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The Broome County District Attorney's Office has charged two alleged operators of an after-hours club in Binghamton.

DA Steve Cornwell presented the case to a Broome County Grand Jury, which on Friday charged Aali Tillman Sr., 41, and Stephanie Zawko, 48, with misdemeanor charges of Sale of Alcohol Without a License and Unlawful Sale of Alcohol for Profit.  

"For too long after-hours clubs have led to increased drug activity and violence," said Cornwell. "Those who are illegally profiting from violating the law will be arrested and prosecuted."

Cornwell first announced the charges in a Facebook Live video on Friday. According to the DA, Tillman and Zawko allegedly operated "Club Platinum" and/or "Orton" located on the corner of Main Street and Orton Avenue in Binghamton's West Side.

Cornwell says the after-hours club was the location where Binghamton resident Brandon Hernandez was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds on April 22nd.

As we reported in our series "Gang Escape" last week, the shooting put the club on Cornwell's radar.

Earlier this month, officials say the club agreed to shut down operations after it was served a lockdown warning by the City of Binghamton.