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The Noor Hila Project: A Blossoming Young Music Artist

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A teenager from Vestal is blossoming in the field of music.

Noor Hila, 13, has been playing the piano since she was four. 

"My grandmother always brought me to piano lessons and she used to sing me to sleep every night.  So that's kind of how I started singing," said Hila.

Hila said she didn't read the music, "I would always play around on the keyboard and play by ear.  And when I was really little, I'd hum along to it."

The artist who describes her music as "piano pop" told Fox 40 that she really got into writing her own songs around the age of ten. 

"There's no set interpretations for most of my songs," said Hila. "They're very open and people can make it mean to them what they want it to mean."

In February 2016, she began recording at On Point Productions in Binghamton. Owner Damien Cornwell said she's currently the youngest person recording at the studio.

"Not only can she play and perform, but her ability to write words and make them so they can be applied to anybody, anywhere in their life... is something special," said Cornwell.

"Sometimes they just come to me. Other times it's experiences like I wrote this one song for my grandmother and great aunt," said Hila.

Hila said last year her grandmother brought her to her 55th reunion at Mount Holyoke College. 

"My friends and I talked about our problems and growing old and etc. As as we drove home she (Noor) just started writing," said Noor's grandmother, Christina Hila.

The impact of Hila's experience can be heard in the lyrics of her song "When I Grow Old."

Hila even had the chance to perform the song in honor of her great aunt who has Alzheimer's Disease at a Walk to End Alzheimer's event at Binghamton University in April.

With more than a dozen full songs written, the teen has also won EPAC's Got Talent 2017. 

Hila's support system continues to follow through her journey, including her friends, mother, father -- and the woman who ignited Hila's passion for music, her grandmother.

"It's amazing. It really is uplifting. It just makes me so happy I can't even express it," said Christina Hila.

While Noor is not sure if she'll end up with a career in songwriting, or in the medical field, she says her music will always be a part of her. 

"I don't think I'll ever stop playing music. It's very special to me," said Hila.

For more information on Hila and her music, visit the Noor Hila Project Facebook page.