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Emergency Responders Train for Missing Person Scenario

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New York State Rangers conducted a training scenario with the Civil Air Patrol and Broome County Emergency Service teams on Saturday. 

They were training for a missing person alert. If this scenario were to occur assistance from all groups would be required. 

"We wouldn't know the scenario if we got called to a downed air craft or a missing person. The only information we might have is the last known point of where that missing person was or where the air craft went down," said 1st Lt. of Civil Air Patrol Franklin Birt.

Weather interfered with the training exercise, an aircraft had to be grounded, and the Rangers got called out on an incident. 

The Civil Air Patrol continued to train after the Rangers left. The members training ranged from 12 to 70-years-old. 

New York State Forest Rangers and the local Civil Air Patrol continue to train their members on search and rescue.