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Rotary Club Honors "Students of the Year"

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Tuesday, members of the Binghamton Rotary Club met for their annual 'Student of the Year' awards at the Holiday Inn, to celebrate several outstanding kids.

Rotarian Lana Rouff hosted the event, giving thanks and appreciation to several 5th grade students of Binghamton Elementary schools that exampled the Rotarian belief of putting others before themselves.

Parents and teachers looked on as each student received their awards, gift certificates and goodie bags, as well as a feeling of accomplishment. 

This year's Student of the Year award winners are:

  • Samori Griffith from Thomas Jefferson
  • Matthew Pello from Calvin Coolidge
  • Taylor Link from Woodrow Wilson
  • Aidan Sheehan from MacArthur
  • Zaniya Bradshaw from Franklin
  • Sam Armand from Roosevelt
  • Hannah Vy from Mann.

One student offered his advice for future recipients of the award, on how to achieve their goal.

"Be nice. Help other students or help teachers too. Work toward helping other kids," said Somari Griffith, 5th Grader at Thomas Jefferson Elementary.