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BU Harpur's Ferry Dedicates New Ambulance in Memory of Scott Schneider

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Sunday, May 7th, family, students and staff gathered on Binghamton University's campus to dedicate a new ambulance to the memory of Scott Schneider, a member of the Vestal Volunteer Emergency Squad who passed away last year in a tragic snowmobiling accident.

Harpur's Ferry is a student volunteer ambulance service that works both on and off the Binghamton University campus. After recognizing an increase in call volume, the University's Student Association and Harpur's Ferry combined their efforts to obtain a third ambulance.

Today, the new Road Rescue Ambulance, 7623, was officially dedicated to the memory of Scott Schneider. Meir Berkman, Chief Executive Director of Harpur's Ferry said the new ambulance will be used in training operations and help to provide free services to the Binghamton University community. Wayne Schneider and the Schneider family were also at the ceremony.

"Scott was never a riding member of Harpur's Ferry but there's no doubt in my mind that he contributed to this organization and that he was a part of our family. Many of us here know Wayne Schneider, one of our most active and dedicated paramedics who serves this community and served the community for over a decade. What many fail to recognize however, is the impact that being an active volunteer can have is not just on the volunteer themselves, but on their family," said Berkman. "Scott and the entire Schneider family have given so much to our organization."

The Road Rescue contains new and advanced technology to make it calls more safe, convenient and reliable for the crew and passengers. It contains heat mirrors, smart-touch displays, high visibility for road-side assistance, integrated child safety seats and a fail safe latching system.