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Binghamton Firefighter Challenge Raises Money for Burn Victims

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The 4th Annual Firefighter Challenge is expected to raise $2,200 for the Clark Burn Center in Syracuse.

"Whenever we can do stuff with Binghamton University students is a win for them and a win for us," said Chris Mallery, Binghamton Firefighter.

Around 100 students took part in various firefighter themed activities, including a Rescue Drag, Hose Carry, Dress Like a Firefighter Relay and a Truck Pull. 

"Members of Binghamton Fire are coming together with Binghamton University Fraternities and Sororities and showing them a little bit of what it's like to be a firefighter," said Mallery.

The charity event was held next to the Binghamton University Events Center and was put on by Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) Fraternity, the Binghamton Firefighter's Benevolent Association and the Vestal Fire Department.