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New Samsung Galaxy S8 Hits Stores

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is now in stores. This is the first device released by the company after the exploding battery issues they faced last year. Matt Coolbaugh, the Vestal AT&T store manager, says the latest model has been rigorously tested and has several updated features.

Some new features include Samsung's addition to the world of virtual assistants, called Bixby, and the edge-to-edge screen design that leaves no borders around the display.

"Probably the thing that you're gonna see the most about is gonna be the screen, the 'infinity screen,'" says Coolbaugh, "So, it really partners our DirectTV service with the phone service. You can really see it fully edge-to-edge."

Shortly after the Vestal AT&T store opened at 9am on Friday, customers were already coming in to check out the new device and trade in their old phones for the upgrade.

The full retail price for the phone is $750, with different options for payment plans can be as low as $25 a month and upgrade offers.