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Garnar: $25,000 to Fund Youth Drug Education

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Jason Garnar announced Broome County is setting aside $25,000 of state funding to give to a Youth Drug Prevention and Education organization.

New York State provided $190,000 to fund youth programs and then Broome has local organizations submit applications to receive a portion of that money. A youth advisory board reviews those applications and we select programs for funding.

Garnar said the County received many applications, but not any related to drug use prevention.

"What we were hoping to see, but didn't see, were applications related to the opioid epidemic," said Garnar.

The deadline to submit an application has already passed, but Garnar has re-opened the application process for any organization related to drug prevention education. The new deadline is March 31 at 4:00 p.m.

"Substance abuse doesn't just start in your 20's, it starts in your teens and sometimes as early as ten, eleven, twelve years old. So we want to be able to put some funding into substance abuse programs," said Garnar.

You can find and submit an application here.