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Mayor David Warns Against Federal Budget Proposal

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Binghamton Mayor Rich David said the Federal Budget Proposal will cut approximately $1.7 million in annual aid for the City of Binghamton.

The Proposal by President Donald Trump would call for the elimination of all federal funding to the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG), provides resources to take care of community needs.

"The Community Development Block Grant Program helps improve neighborhood quality of life issues," said David.

Since 2014 the city has spent:

  • $820,420 on Public Infrastructure
  • $785,450 on Blight Demolition 
  • $460,435 on Park Improvements

Mayor David called these programs some of the most popular with Binghamton City residents and warns they would be cut underneath the President’s plan.

This program must not be eliminated.

— Mayor Rich David

For the last 3 years in Binghamton, 97% of funds have been spent helping low to moderate income individuals, according to David. "Local taxes could skyrocket" to cover the costs of the CDBG being eliminated.

Mayor David highlighted two programs which could be negatively impacted if the CDBG is cut; the Boys and Girls Club and Action for Older Persons.

Binghamton Funds since 2014:

"What’s more important than making sure a child is off the streets and in a structured program," said Marybeth Smith, Boys and Girls Club Executive Director.

Why would anyone feel this is not important?

— Marybeth Smith

Action for Older Persons Executive Director Cassandra Hamilton said the money helps more than just the people who receive the aid.

"Funds help improve the community as a whole, not just the individual receiving the help. The money saved is most often spent at local businesses," said Hamilton.

Mayor David ended the press conference by calling on city residents to speak out against the Budget Proposal.

"I am urging city residents to contact their federal lawmakers to voice their support for Community Development Grant Block Program," said David.