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Maine-Endwell Digital Citizenship Summit EDU

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Maine-Endwell School District hosted a Digital Citizenship Summit Saturday afternoon to help students, parents and local residents learn the power of technology. All members of the community were invited to the event. A series of speakers, breakout sessions and talks were designed to help educated people to use technology and social media in a responsible and ethical way. 

Rachel Meller, organizer and Senior at M-E, came up with the idea for the summit through a Digital citizenship class she took in Maine-Endwell. "We were encouraged to spread our learning beyond the four walls. So I expressed interest in doing an event that appeals to the whole community. So I worked with Mrs. Murat and had meets with our Principle, Superintendent and everyone working here today to make this possible," said Meller. 

The event also featured keynote speaker, Curran Dee. Curran is a fourth grader and the Chief Kid Officer for DigCitKids. He created DigCitKids to combat the lack of digital access at his school. The summit also included #DigCigtalks, breakout sessions, student panel discussions and a premier of the documentary, "Positively Social." The Documentary included local students speaking about digital citizenship. 

"I think it's a really important message, digital citizenship. The community needs to be aware, everyone in the world needs to be aware of it. If we are in high school, learning it in a class, I feel that everyone should have the opportunity we had. I felt strongly that what we were learning needed to be extended to everybody," said Meller. 

The event was completely free to the public and also offered a free lunch. Meller hopes that the Digital Citizenship Summit becomes and annual event through the school.