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2nd Graders Learn to Keep Their Smiles Healthy

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February is National Children's Dental Hygiene Month and a local dentist office is celebrating by educating.

Gentle Dental visited Johnson City 2nd graders to discuss best cleaning practices. Doctor Shalini Kamodia says these students are at the age where they are beginning to get their permanent adult teeth, so it is vital for them to understand how to take care of them.

"They start being more in control of what they're eating, of their own habits and now they're getting these new teeth that they're going to have," says Kamodia, "One more set, that's it. So, getting to them before they start getting cavities in their adult teeth is really important."

Gentle Dental employees dressed up as teeth and the Tooth Fairy to engage students in games that teach best brushing practices.

"It will help us learn more about our teeth and make sure we brush more often," says Johnson City 2nd grade student Leah Augostini.

Kamodia says getting kids to think about better dental health now will help prevent issues in the future.