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Engineering a More Efficient Future at JCHS

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What's better than a school field trip? How about a field trip that comes to school?
Students at Johnson City High School got an up-close look at a bus and truck that run on alternative energy, thanks to hybrid technology developed at BAE Systems in Endicott. An engineer from BAE explained how he uses science to engineer solutions to save energy.

"It uses traditional (energy) like diesel and new-age like electrical energy. That's pretty cool," said Johnson City HS junior Javonne Jefferies.

"I honestly didn't think there was something like that that was possible to do but it's very interesting to see that there are people out there who do this kind of stuff," said Johnson City HS junior Juwan Haji. 

"We let them think about engineering and how our technology is helping the environment and how this could be a future job for them," said BAE Systems engineer Filippo Muggeo.
The juniors and seniors who took part Friday are currently learning about mechanical, electrical, and alternative energy.