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Touch of Texas Back in the Saddle Again

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Touch of Texas and Magic City Music Hall have a long and intertwined history. When Touch of Texas opens its doors on New Year's Eve, it will be the second time one location has housed both venues. In 2004, Terry Drake and her husband sold their business to the owners of Magic City Music Hall. Now, twelve years later, it's Touch of Texas that will be replacing the music hall on Upper Front Street.

It’s kind of come full circle," says Terry Drake.

When the Drakes sold Touch of Texas, they weren't planning on ever returning to the nightclub business.

"We had a lot of family things going on," says Drake, "Elderly parents to care for."

Magic City Music Hall made a return in a new location last year, but had to again close its doors, only one year later. That is when the Drakes decided to get back on the horse.

"This kind of operation takes a lot of renovations to a building this size, so we decided to just take over it and give it another whirl," says Drake.

The western-themed venue will offer country, rock, and blues entertainment. Open all week, the club will serve the local community, bringing in local musicians as well as an occasional bigger-name act to play at the venue. 

"We want it to be high energy and for people to be able to come in and enjoy that," says Drake, "but yet be able to sit and enjoy a meal and watch the dancers and dance if they like to dance."

The dance floor is a returning staple of Touch of Texas, home to its line dancing lessons. The floor needs one more coat of polish before it will have guests kicking up their heals by the New Year's Eve grand opening.

"We just want to offer a very upscale, classy place for people and yet where they can kick their boots off and have some fun," says Drake

Touch of Texas will also offer catering services and a billiards area.