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Meth Lab Bust in Cortland County

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(Top) Schunk (L) Gillette (R) (Bottom) Short (L) Stevens (Center) Gardner (R) (Top) Schunk (L) Gillette (R) (Bottom) Short (L) Stevens (Center) Gardner (R)

Cortland Police Department responded to 40 Groton Avenue, apartment 2W regarding a strong chemical odor coming from the apartment. When Officers arrived on the scene an occupant of 2W exited the apartment and informed officers of an active methamphetamine laboratory inside the apartment. Once the door was opened the chemical odor was overwhelming and officers noticed other individuals inside the apartment. The officers were able to enter the apartment and evacuated the individuals. There were two other occupied apartments within 40 Groton Avenue and officers evacuated those individuals as well. The scene was secured and the New York State Contaminated Crime Scene Response Team was contacted. A Cortland Police officer was treated and released at Cortland Regional Medical Center for respiratory problems. 

On Saturday, New York State Contaminated Crime Scene Unit processed the crime scene and removed numerous chemicals and equipment utilized in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

As a result of the investigation the following individuals were arrested;

1)  Jeffrey A. Stevens,         29,  40 Groton Avenue, Apt#2W, Cortland, NY.

2)  Casey L. Schunk,           26,  40 Groton Avenue, Apt#2W, Cortland, NY.

3) Christopher C. Gillette,  33,  44 Rickard Street, Apt#B-13 , Cortland, NY.

4) Precious M. Short,          24,  40 Groton Avenue, Apt#2W Cortland, NY.

5) Daniel J. Gardner            40,  Homeless.

The above individuals were all charged with the following;

1) Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Second degree, Class A-II Felony.

2) Unlawful Manufacturing of Methamphetamine in the Third degree, Class D Felony.

3) Reckless Endangerment in the Second degree, Class A Misdemeanor.

4) Conspiracy in the Fifth Degree, Class A Misdemeanor.

Mr. Gardner was also charged with one count of Disorderly Conduct, a violation.