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Binghamton University's Student Volunteers Save Lives

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BU Student Volunteers Save Lives BU Student Volunteers Save Lives

Binghamton University's student run EMT volunteer services, Harpur's Ferry has saved the lives of many with their quick and reliable services. These students also saved the patients of two cardiac arrest cases within eight days of one another this semester and were honored Tuesday night.

We were actually able to get a pulse back within minutes of arriving on each of the scenes. And each patient entered the hospital with a pulse again which is amazing, said Blake Topper, Second Assistant Chief and Operations Director of Harpurs Ferry.

Both people that received care are now alive and well today, which is remarkable considering statistics given that night say there is a 1 in 10 chance of survival during cardiac arrest.

When the service gets a serious call, people that need help can expect quick, efficient and professional service.

We got there and fortunately the outcomes were great, and I think a lot of that was the great teamwork and that we worked together. We had an excellent flow of how patient care went. It was very professional, very crisp and cut. It was an amazing feeling to realize before we got to the hospital that the patient was back alive and breathing well, said Stephen Baumgarten, Deputy Director of Harpur's Ferry.

There were 23 recipients of the life-saving awards. It certainly looks like we have some heroes in our own back yard.