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Man Found Guilty In Heroin Case

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Naquan D. Small,age 32 was found guilty late Friday afternoon, by a Broome County Jury, on two drug counts, related to an April 2016 arrest.

“Naquan Small is an individual in which I find no redeeming qualities,” said District Attorney Steve Cornwell. “The people will fight for the maximum sentence, to send Small away for a long time.”

Sentencing is scheduled for January 2017, in front of Judge Kevin Dooley.

Small has a prior violent felony conviction; he faces a minimum of six years and maximum of 15 years in State Prison.
Small is also facing a separate count of Perjury, in an unrelated court proceeding, in which it is alleged he lied under oath in a parole hearing. He faces an additional seven years in State Prison on the Perjury charge, which is pending trial.