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Fall Festival Helps Binghamton U. Group Develop Neighborhood Plan

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The Binghamton University Neighborhood Heritage and Sustainability Project hosted a Fall Festival Wednesday at Walnut Street Park.  It was full of food, pumpkin decorating, and games -- all to bring together local neighbors.

The group is working on a "North of Main Street Neighborhood Plan."  Its goal is to see what changes and programs area residents are looking for in order to build a better sense of community.

"We see the social relationships that people have as being a piece of that broader sustainability picture -- that jobs and economical development are a critical part of," said Siobhan Hart of the Binghamton University Neighborhood Heritage and Sustainability Project.

Those who attended the event could write down what they think is the best thing about the neighborhood, what they see as its biggest problems, and what would make the neighborhood a better place for adults and children.

A free public workshop -- to further develop the project -- will take place Saturday, November 12th, from noon to 2:00 p.m. at 85 Walnut Street (The Mansion).