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Broome Catholic Schools President Retiring from Position

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The president of the Catholic Schools of Broome County, Richard Bucci, has announced he's retiring from his position.

By the time he departs in July 2017, Bucci will have served the school district for more than six years.

The Catholic Schools president told Fox 40 he's pleased with the growth of the infrastructure in the catholic schools.  He said he's proud of expanding curriculum; such as adding a pre-engineering program, as well as Mandarin, and American Sign language courses at Seton Catholic High School. Bucci said he's been most impressed by the students, many of whom volunteer for charity work in the community and around the world.

"They are a dynamic group of young men and women and I'm very proud of them.  It's been one of the rewarding parts of this job, to see young people who are committed and engaged in the community," said Bucci.

The 1972 Seton graduate said it's been memorable being so involved in the school he once attended.  For a portion of his time working with the school district, Bucci served as both president and Seton Catholic Central principal.

On Friday, Bucci said nothing is set in stone yet as far as future career choices.

“Well I’m retiring from this particular job, but I don’t know if you can necessarily say I’m retiring from the workforce in general.  But I don’t have anything definitively planned right now,” said Bucci.

In past years, Bucci served positions including mayor of Binghamton from 1994 to 2005, Director of Professional Development & Curriculum (Vestal Central School District), Director of Communications (New York State Senate Chairman/Committee on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse) and Regional Coordinator (Office of the Minority Leader New York State Assembly).

Bucci said the search for a new president has just recently begun.

The Catholic Schools of B.C. include St. John the Evangelist School in Binghamton, St. James School in Johnson City, All Saints Catholic School in Endicott and Seton Catholic Central in Binghamton.

Below is a letter from the president on Oct. 12th, addressing his departure:

Dear Catholic School Parents, Students & Faculty,

Five years ago I began my tenure with the Catholic Schools of Broome County in a dual capacity as President and Principal of Seton Catholic Central. The system was experiencing a number of challenges and was poised for a new direction.  At that time my intention was to serve for three years.

Last year we began the process to transition into a new leadership model.  The existing position was separated into two distinct positions of President and Principal. Both require a full-time commitment.  We hired a new Principal at Seton and I began to set the parameters for the multi-faceted role as President. Now that this has been accomplished I’ve notified the Catholic School Board of my intention to retire at the conclusion of the current school year.

Moving forward I plan to remain involved in supporting our schools.  In the next few months I will be informing you about an exciting new project to secure the future of our system.

Over the last several years we have worked to strengthen our instructional program coupled with significant investments in infrastructure. At Seton this includes a comprehensive upgrade of all four science labs, the replacement all of its computers and establishing a new engineering lab.  Funds were also targeted to replacing roofs, installing security doors, mounting a state-of-the-art lighting and sound system in the gym and upgrading the library. Each of the elementary schools has also seen investments in their buildings.

At Seton we’ve expanded AP courses, established a pre-engineering curriculum and increased our language portfolio with courses in American Sign Language and Mandarin.  
This fall we embarked on an exciting initiative of placing a Chromebook in the hands of every student in grades 3-12. This will significantly transform teaching and learning.

Most importantly the four schools in Broome County now interact as one system rather than independent entities.  This has facilitated a coordinated plan for curriculum enhancement and professional development.  

Catholic identity is the foundation of our schools. I was very fortunate to add Sister Brigid O’Mahoney to Seton’s faculty.  She is a dynamic Theology teacher who has done an exceptional job of making the faith come alive for our students.

I have worked to get the message of who we are out to the media.  Residents of southern and central New York as well as northern Pennsylvania are now more familiar with the impressive academic, athletic and artistic accomplishments of our students.

The Catholic School Board is beginning the search process for a new President.  As part of a comprehensive process you will be surveyed next week to get your impressions of our system.  Please respond to it.

It has been a distinct privilege to work with a dedicated and enthused team of educators and administrators.  These professionals are intensely committed to our mission and work tirelessly to provide an experience that will prepare your children for the rigors of the 21st century.

I want to express my gratitude to the parents who have worked to improve our schools. Thank you for donating your time, energy and financial resources.  Your involvement is invaluable and has truly made a difference.


Richard A. Bucci