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Green Construction Saves Owego-Apalachin Schools $300,000

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New blacktop is replacing the torn up pavement of Sheldon Guile Blvd, on the Owego-Apalachin campus, but the path isn't being paved in the traditional way.

By recycling the gravel base and asphalt of the existing road, the project is being completed for about 30 percent less than the original estimated cost. The FEMA budget for the paving was $800,000, but Ruston Paving made a bid at approximately $500,000.

"That mixture is being used as a new foundation, without having to bring in any new gravel," says supervising engineer for Keystone Associates Pete Messner.

This process is called full depth recycling. This method is both cost efficient and environmentally friendly. Messner says using the traditional paving method would mean disposing of the gravel foundation in land fills.

"It saves on the trucking, so it saves on diesel fuel and emissions and of course it solves the problem of where to take this material," says Messner.

Messner says the treatment has been tested and proven to hold up in harsh Northeastern winter weather, so it should be quite a few years before the school district has to repave their roads again.