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Colombian Financial Group

The Columbian Financial Group of companies, with corporate headquarters in Binghamton, includes Columbian Mutual Life Insurance Company, Columbian Life Insurance Company and other affiliated companies within its group structure. With 136 years of experience helping families across the United States, we know about compassion and supporting the needs of others. Our company and its 175 local employees provide extensive volunteer and financial assistance to groups that support the needs of our neighbors. We are particularly proud to partner with the United Way in helping to build a stronger community. We applaud this worthy organization and our generous employees who make a difference by volunteering time and providing support to United Way programs. 

Columbian Mutual Life Insurance Company • Home Office: Binghamton, NY Columbian Life Insurance Company • Home Office: Chicago, IL • Administrative Service Office: Binghamton, NY • Columbian Life Insurance Company is not licensed in every state.

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