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Spiedie Fest Contestant Brings Home Town Tradition to West Virginia

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Sunday's Spiedie Fest hosted their annual Spiedie Cook-Off and this years contestants didn't just live in New York. 

Don Wright is an Endicott native who's been cooking spiedies since he was very young. He now lives in a town called Berkley Springs, West Virginia. Wright is also the proud owner of Wrighatlinies, an Italian bread and spiedie company in WV. It' all started when he worked at a local bakery in Endicott. 

"Since I was 5 years old I've worked at Battaglini's. We live out in front. So I started my own bakery in Berkley Springs, West Virginia. I even took part of the name with me and I made my bakeries name Wrightalinies," said Don Wright, Spiedie Fest Cook-Off Contestant.

Don and his family have been traveling up the east coast every year since 2013 to participate in the cook-off. Wright says there's only one way he cooks his spiedies. 

"Traditional. My first spiedie was when I was five years old and I remember that spiedie. It was red wine vinegar, some lemon, a lot of garlic, that's the Italian part and oregano."

You can visit the Wrighatlini's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/WrightaliniBakery