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Workers Clean Up En-Joie After Another DICK'S Open

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En-Joie starts clean up En-Joie starts clean up

The DICK'S Open ended with Paul Goydos winning the golf event and Florida Georgia Line fans feeling satisfied. All of this fun did mean that there was a lot left over when the weekend was through.

Around 1,600 volunteers took to En-Joie in preparation of Endicott's event and those same workers helped clean up the course prior to the tournament.

Players like Goydos, said En-Joie must be the best public golf course on the face of the earth. The clean up crews and volunteers all contribute to what makes this such a successful event.

There was a lot of trash out there, but there's clean up crews. I guess they're just dedicated to having a nice golf course, said Samuel Sylvester, an En-Joie Golf Course Intern.

The process of cleaning up is expected to take a couple days before everything is back to normal.