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One Week After Arrest, Cal Harris Retrieves Car from NYSP Barracks

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Fox 40 is continuing its coverage into the latest legal troubles of Cal Harris.  

On Friday morning, the Spencer man was allowed to retrieve his car from the New York State Police Troop C barracks in Sidney. State police had been holding the car since last Thursday, when Harris was arrested in Oneonta for allegedly stalking a state police investigator. Harris says troopers have not released his cell phone, or video from the dash cam that he says captured what took place outside the investigator's home.

Harris, who was acquitted of his wife's murder less than a month ago, says he's been victimized by Troop C for 15 years -- and he won't be any longer.

"People have said to me, you know, "Geez, why don't you just leave the area, you know, walk away, go away?" And no, I'm not going to do that," Harris said.
"That's what they want. This is what New York State Police Troop C does. They abuse their power. They lie, they cheat, they tamper with the evidence."

New York State Police say they will not comment on an active investigation. The complaint against Harris alleges he told the investigator "I'm going to get all you guys. How's your son? Maybe I will go drag him out of school. I have been following him around."

Harris denies the charge.