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Harris Lashes Out Against State Police After Arrest

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New York State Police have charged Cal Harris with 4th Degree stalking, a misdemeanor. They say he verbally threatened an off-duty member of the State Police and his family while standing in front that member's home in Oneonta. Harris, though, says he was the victim. He claims it was investigator Terry Schultz who confronted Him.

"He says to me on the street, 'Cal, tell us where you buried Michele. Tell us where you buried her body.' That's what he says to me. I said nothing to him. I gave him no indication I was there to do anything to him or his family. I was on the street, a public street, minding my own business," said Harris.

Harris says dash cam video on his car proves his side of the story, but that the State Police took his truck and cell phone for evidence.

"I tried to argue with the judge last night to not let them take my phone and to not let them take my car because I know what they're going to do. They're going to delete the video of the confrontation where it shows Terry Schultz coming out to me and being the aggressor to me," said Harris. 

Harris says he was in Oneonta to meet someone who messaged about buying a drone Harris was selling on line. Harris said after waiting for an hour in a parking lot he left his car and walked along the street that happened to be the one where Schultz lived.

"I tell you now I almost think it was a set-up. I almost think it was a set-up. I don't know who this person is. The address I was given last night, there wasn't a real street address (for) the number they gave me," said Harris. 

The judge in the case has ordered an issue of protection keeping Harris from having any contact with the alleged victim or his family. Harris also has to surrender any firearms he owns. Harris admits he got into a verbal altercation with Schultz, but  says it came after Schultz instigated the incident. Court documents allege Harris said, “I'm going to get all you guys. How's your son? Maybe I will go drag him out of school.I have been following him around.” Harris says this arrest is another example of harassment against him by the New York State Police. 

"I've been abused long enough. My kids and I have been abused long enough. We're not going to be abused any more. I'm making it clear, and I said it right after the trial, we're going after these people," said Harris. 

Harris is next due in Town of Oneonta  Court in mid-July.