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Binghamton University Engineering Students Unveil Award Winning Formula-Style Electric Racecar

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Green Machine Green Machine

Binghamton University student engineers with a need for speed, showed off a selection of cars they built with their own hands.

Students unveiled the national award-winning "Green Machine", a formula-style electric racecar at a presentation Friday afternoon in BU's Innovative Technologies Complex. Students also showed off a super-efficient gas mileage car, and a rugged off-roader they built to compete in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Collegiate Design Series this summer.

One student who was a part of the Green Machine project, says he feels this hands-on experience takes work in the classroom to a practical level rather than just focusing on theoretical based curriculum.

"You have electrical engineers doing mechanical work and back and fourth and that is ultimately great for your career because it will allow you to speak the lingo of other different disciplines in helping the designs which is a lot how the industry is," said Jordan Billet, President SAE Club.

The Green Machine project, a joint effort between BU and SUNY Broome students, beat schools like Yale and Princeton taking first place in the 2016 Formula Hybrid Competition on May 5th.