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Learning the Pipes: A Tradition Continues

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Fox 40 looked at a local group of musicians carrying on the tradition of Irish bagpipes and found out what it takes to make the band.

For more than a decade, the Edward P. Maloney Memorial Pipe Band has entertained crowds at parades and festivals. But their talents also bring comfort during more somber events.  

So, how exactly does one learn to play the bagpipe?

Experienced pipers teach students how to play the pipes every Monday night at Seton Catholic Central High School.  Students don't start with bagpipes, they learn on an instrument called the chanter.  It looks a lot like a recorder.  

Learning to play the bagpipes is challenging.  It can take years, and hours of practice a day, to make it into a band.

Both veteran and new members agree commitment is key to learning the instrument. 

Watch the video above to learn just how dedicated these students are.

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