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County Executive Recognizes National Service

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Recognizing National Service, at a local level. That was aim of Broome County Executive Debbie Preston today as she met with volunteers and officials from organizations around the county.

Those recognized today included United Way of Broome County, Habitat for Humanity, Broome County Catholic Charities, The Broome County Office for Aging Foster Grandparent Program, and Persons with Developmental Disabilities Senior Companion Program. The recognition stems from a nationwide, bi-partisan effort to highlight how national service helps tackle local problems. 

 "Its really nice, I mean a lot of the work that we do is really behind the scenes, so its nice to get a little recognition. I just wish that all of our Americas members could be here, but it's still nice to represent them." said Haley Desilet, an Assistant Director for Rural Health Service Corps.
Over 630 Americorps and Senior corps members serve in 65 locations around Broome county.