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Muslims of America Sue Alleged Attack Plotter

By Jason Weinstein.
The Muslims of America is suing the man charged with plotting to burn it's Hamlet of Islamberg in Delaware County.

Robert Doggart is charged with one count of solicitation to commit civil rights violations by damaging religious property. The Muslims of America is suing Doggart, William Tint, and nine unidentified defendants.

The group is seeking they be prohibited from coming within 300 yards of Islamburg, as well as properties the group has in South Carolina and Tennessee. It is also seeking compensatory and civil damages.

"The Muslims of America villages have been under siege by these vulture-like Islamaphobes who will come very boldly to see, to take pictures, to question, to challenge, to threaten," said Tahira Amatul-Wadud, attorney for The Muslims of America.

Doggart is currently being evaluated to see if he is mentally fit to stand trial.
There will be a preliminary hearing on the civil suit in Binghamton in July. The Muslims of America will hold a press conference in Binghamton on April 6th to further address the lawsuit.