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Montrose Teachers' Strike Continues

By Alex Howard (twitter:@alexhoward99).
MONTROSE, PA - With the Montrose Are School District Teachers Strike in it's second day, teachers from the small borough continued their, strike while also giving back to their community, by cleaning up local parks and donating to homeless shelters.
"we feel we have no other option than to come out here and show our solidarity and unity" said Teri Evans, the President of the Montrose Education Association.

The dispute is over salary and health insurance contributions that the teachers and the school district can't seem to agree on. The Union says it has offered to pay a fixed dollar amount toward insurance while the district wants teachers to pay a fixed percentage of costs.

"They keep removing some money from the table. We thought that health care savings would be used to improve conditions for the teachers, but whats been happening though, is that more of that money is being taken away from their offers." said Jim Maria, the PSEA Representative for the Montrose Education Association and the chief negotiator for the teachers.

This has been the first strike that teachers from the Montrose Area School District have had in the past 46 years.But the superintendent says, the district is willing to negotiate.

"It will be up to the bargaining unit to come back to the table, we have expressed as a district that we're willing to talk." claimed Montrose Superintendent Carol Boyce

Boyce says the average teacher's family insurance costs $18,000 per year. She says a teacher pays $800 of that cost with the district assuming the rest over $17,000. Both sides have said they are willing to negotiate but, as of now, no talks are scheduled.

Alex Howard for Fox40 HD News