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Grant Program Helps Improve Services of Local Organizations

On Wednesday, United Way of Broome County representatives discussed the impact of the $200,000 in grants it has provided to local organizations.

This money funded projects, from energy efficiency to facility improvement projects, for 11 local United Way partner agencies. These include ACCORD, Family Planning of SCNY, and the Johnson City Senior Citizens Center.

The idea of the program is to help ensure these agencies are able to offer their best services to the public.

The Broome County YMCA received $17,000 to put a curtain divider in its Binghamton gym.

"We can organize and manage things better. We can actually offer more opportunities because we can split the gym in half in a safe situation. We can now offer two particular programs at once, rather than just having one gym, and using the whole gym for one program," said Ronald Smith, Broome County YMCA Executive Director.

Projects funded by these grants can range from 12 to 60 months.

The United Way of Broome County says these grants are made possible by requests and gifts through a planned giving program.