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Montrose Teachers on Strike

A teachers strike has gone into effect in Montrose, Pennsylvania. Teachers walked off the job at 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday.

According to the head of the MEA, the union representing Montrose teachers, salary and health insurance costs are the biggest stumbling blocks.

The president of the MEA says the two sides are close on salary. However, the union is proposing its members pay a fixed amount of money toward health insurance while the district wants teachers to pay a fixed percentage of health insurance costs.

On Tuesday, union members cleaned up the Montrose Memorial Park and on Wednesday they will help coordinate a food distribution.

The district is asking parents keep their children home for the duration of the strike. The district says teachers are placing their financial interests ahead of the interest of students.

One of those students is waiting to see when she'll return to school.

"They haven’t told us anything.They just told us that they were going on strike, and that they weren’t allowed to tell us much more," said Arizona Luce, a Montrose School District student.

All extracurricular and sports programs will continue as regularly scheduled after normal school hours.

The MEA says no negotiations are currently scheduled.