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BU Students Use Spring Break to Give Back

Some Binghamton University international students stayed in the Southern Tier for spring break this year. They've made the choice to give back to the community while they're here.

This is the fourth year the university is running its Alternative Spring Break program. It splits students into groups of volunteers at locations around the area.

On Tuesday, this included the Kopernik Observatory and Science Center. A total of 14 students volunteered there, working on painting, organizing and cleaning.

One international student said he was happy to be using his free time to help out.

“I’m from China, so it’s my first time to do work in the United States," said Sen Li, a graduate student at Binghamton University, "A lot of people have helped me when I came over here to the States, so I feel like it’s a great opportunity to return the favor.”

These volunteers will continue helping out on Wednesday at the Binghamton Zoo and BU's Nature Preserve.