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M-E Community Plants Seedlings to Help Those in Need

On Tuesday, a span of generations in Endwell came together in efforts to help those in need.

Residents of the Good Shepherd Village nursing home, and students from the Homer Brink Third Grade Leadership Club, helped kindergarten through second grade students plant seedlings at the school.

Seeds planted included beans, tomatoes, and carrots. They will eventually be harvested and distributed to local families in need.

A student-run farm stand will also help raise money for the school's M-EALS program. This is a district-wide program that provides food to M-E students in need, and their families. It takes place on weekends and over holiday breaks when students aren't receiving breakfast and lunch in school.

Students said they believe it's important to help out.

"If somebody has food, and somebody doesn't, it's not equal. And everyone deserves to be equal," said Layla Phommachanh, a third grade student at Maine-Endwell.

Third grade teacher, Briana Burghardt, helped organize the planting event. She says along with learning about the life cycle of a plant, students learn valuable life lessons.

"They’re also going to learn the value of working hard for something, with nothing in return really, other than helping others," said Burghardt.

Third through fifth grade students will plant a total of 400 seedlings in M-E's Spartan Garden on Hooper Road in late spring.