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Farmers Keep a Wary Eye on the Weather

By Jason Weinstein.
It's an anxious time for apple growers throughout the northeast. A warm winter has accelerated the growing season by about a month.

But another deep freeze could spell disaster for growers. We stopped by Apple Hills Farm in the Town of Chenango and spoke to Owner Dave Johnson. He says during the winter the trees harden to withstand temperatures as cold as 30 below zero.

But now the trees have softened so that anything below five degrees could wipe out his crop. However, a cool April could mean his best harvest ever.

"As long as it doesn't get down to five degrees. I want things to cool off. I know I'm not going to have a lot of people happy about this but I want it to be about 40 for a high and 25 for a low for the whole month of April. That would make me a very happy guy," said David Johnson, Co-Owner of Apple Hills Farm in the Town of Chenango.

According to the State Comptroller, New York ranks second in the country in apple production.