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Johnson City Village Board Discusses Water, Sewer Budgets

By Fox 40 Staff.
The Johnson City Village Board came together Monday evening to crunch some numbers on the water, sewer and refuse budgets for the village.

In a meeting that went over two hours long, Johnson City Mayor Greg Deemie said the committee looked line by line at the city's budget summary to find out where they could cut to keep costs down and in turn, keep taxes down.

"What we're trying to do is find cost breaks and what the line items are that they've given us, if there's anyway we can drop some costs to keep the rates at a reasonable level for our water, sewer and refuse," said Deemie.

The mayor says the committee is working to drop taxes down to the state's levy cap at .12 percent.

The current budget would place a 10 percent levy increase on village taxpayers.

The fiscal year ends May 31st.