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Montrose Teachers Set to Strike

By Jason Weinstein.
At 12:01am Tuesday teachers in Montrose, Pennsylvania will be on strike.

According to a statement on the District's website the teachers union fails to recognize the cost of pension contributions, and is putting financial interests ahead of students.

According to the President of the MEA, the union which represents Montrose teachers, the two big issues are salary and health care contributions. Teri Evans says the two sides are close on salary but have a philosophical difference over health care contributions.

She says her union members are willing to contribute a fixed dollar amount toward health insurance, while the district wants teachers to contribute a fixed percentage of costs.

"On paper we are not far apart at all. In my opinion and I'd say in the opinion of our negotiating team it's more of a philosophical difference. When you look at the numbers we think we proposed something that is fair and reasonable and within the financial means of the district," said Evans.

We did not get a response from the district when we requested an interview.
All extracurricular and sports programs will continue as regularly scheduled after normal school hours.

Evans says the pay schedule for many coaches and staff who oversee those activities are outside of the union. Evans says the union is willing to negotiate but that no negotiations are scheduled.