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Binghamton Zoo Hosts Eggstravaganza

By Brianna Case.
Hundreds of people hopped in line to join in on some fun at the Binghamton Zoo Sunday for their annual Eggstravaganza.

"It's overall just a fun time for the families and for the kids. They get to do two of their favorite things, two of my favorite things growing up! They get to have a fun Easter day and they get to see all the animals at the zoo as well," said Melissa Grippin, Education Coordinator at the zoo.

Kids came out to hunt for eggs, make some crafts, get their faces painted and take photos with some bunnies.

The kids weren't the only ones with smiles on their faces. The staff and the animals had just as much fun.

"Our zoo keepers had some fun with Easter themed enrichment for the animals, so we have paper mache looking eggs spread all throughout the zoo in the exhibits for the animals to play with," said Grippin.

The Easter Egg Hunt was the main attraction and children searched through the zoo to collect eggs that they exchanged for gifts.

"Some of them are tucked around corners and so the kids are really going to have to keep their eyes open and have a good lookout for them," said Grippin.

This is the first event of the season. The zoo's grand opening is set for April 23rd.